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PHI  has exciting news! PHI has been offered a wonderful opportunity of a 1:2 matching grant for $5,000 by the Good Works Institute. Your donation today can help PHI reach the $10,000 needed to meet this matching grant. PHI is seeking a $20,000 or more from a small group of funders to fund our work in Pemako this winter.

With your support, PHI will find candidates and begin their training as the region’s only local health care workers. By March 2013, six new Master Trainers, five Family Health Care Workers, and five Maternal Child Health Workers will provide basic health care, maternal child health, water and sanitation to the families in their respective villages. These trainings will be assisted by a Nurse-Midwife Trainer from One Heart World-Wide.

The first year potential of PHI’s program working in 5 villages will impact approximately 150 households with 1,800 family members. Future funding raised will allow PHI’s program to scale up by 2015, providing services in fourteen villages within Pemakö. PHI’s program would then impact an estimated 790 households with approximately 5,880 family members.

Your generous donation will make the hiring and training of these positions possible and result in the saving of lives of mothers and children and the general improvement of the health of families across Pemakö. Thank you for caring and helping to save lives!

PHI welcomes donations at any step of the way to directly fund the grassroots effort.

birth-kitA small donation will accomplish a great amount:

  • $5 per 1/birth – Clean Delivery Kit
  • $30 (1 per/mo) – A Portable Medical Bag

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